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Neve starred at the door. It seemed still to judder from when it was slammed yet his car had already become an angry buzz in the distance. Fool man! “I know what you’re doing,” he’d said when he broke the … Continue reading

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Toli’s Tall Tales #1

Father Wade’s Son I don’t know how’s it to work, but they say to me, I tell these tales and they’ll make them known a thousand years hence. Ask me, that’s the tallest of tales around here. But they want … Continue reading

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The Saga Band

Neve had found a way to watch, independent of Raesan. But she still wasn’t close enough to see the details of the saga band. And now her eye was caught by Skrauti, with his golden braid and golden brooches. Apparently … Continue reading

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Hera, Hera, costume-wearer Wide thighed mother of all Grinding grain to make her bread Weaving out her marriage bed Distrusts her husband, it must be said Hera, Hera, costume-wearer Wide thighed mother of all Giving her son a bow and … Continue reading

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The Witch and the Simulacrum

“No wonder you’ve no friends,” Raesan said, stopping mid-pace to hover behind her. “You’re like that song you keep playing, Facts, Facts, Facts. Always on that machine.” “You filled my head. I’m only trying to verify.” “Oh, Lady doesn’t trust … Continue reading

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Neve’s Aid To Genealogy

Anluan son of Maithan  son of Turloch son of Cathal son of Aodh son of Conal son of Eochaid son of Cairthann Finn, King of Munster. No wonder the training for druids took 21 years. Genealogies, their mainstay, are devilishly … Continue reading

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Feisty Hephaistos

Hephaistos, Hephaistos, Feisty Hephaistos, Stoking his fires below Smelting his metals all aglow Limping after his wife you know The flighty Aphrodite

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