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Three Oaths To Bind Him

Inga, Inga, why call her Inga when her name was Ingvilda; she ought to tell him. But he was the lord and what was she. A dirty nockling, and that’s why he chose her. She looked down at her smock. … Continue reading

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The Gentry Game

The Gentry Game, prelude to Part 4 of the Jerningham Story is now (belatedly) available on Crimsons History.

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A Very Bad Egg

Humpty Dumpty, we’ve all heard of him, Sat on a wall to tipple his gin, Fell off it backward and cracked his head. Altogether a very bad egg!

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Cesars Well

It could have been Led Zeppelin’s Bron-Y-Aur Stomp rather than Bellinn musicians. A handsome youth, dark hair swinging, plucked at a twenty-plus stringed zither upon his spread knees. A matching pair of pipers accompanied him; twins, they tooted upon their … Continue reading

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For The King And St George

Order of the Garter Honi soit qui mal y pense Evil to him who thinks evil of it Edward III established the Order of the Garter on St George’s Day 1349, his aim to bind into a brotherhood a select … Continue reading

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An Elastoplast For Raesan

Neve rubbed at her cricked neck now that her numbed arm had recovered sufficient to move. She ignored the pins-and-needles, now diminishing. It was her fault if she suffered. Grandma Phoebe’s settee wasn’t suited to sleeping. So it had arms that dropped … Continue reading

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From Vikings to Roses

Last week saw the start of a new series of posts on crimson’s history featuring the Jerningham family. Though the series begins in the colourful courts of the Tudor monarchs, it progresses back, tracing the family to its Viking roots. Both historical and genealogical in … Continue reading

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