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A Devilish Deus

Zeus, Zeus, a devilish deus Sits upon Olympus He hurls his bolts At the minorest faults Silly old devilish Zeus Advertisements

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Guy looked to Toli, not daring to show his ignorance by asking where was Eldsland. Toli, usually so keen to display superior knowledge, merely shrugged. And who was this woman Gunnhild who also was missing? “We don’t know that’s the … Continue reading

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Lavender Blue

Lavender Blue, Dilly Dilly Lavender Green When I am king, Dilly, Dilly You shall be queen. Lavender Green, Silly Billy Lavender Blue When I am queen, Silly Billy I’LL EXECUTE YOU!

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The Oddssons

“I need the answer before we move on,” Guy said when, the next morning, Toli brought the freshly groomed horses, calmed and saddled. He hadn’t slept at all that night. And not for the heat of the hall, made the … Continue reading

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Hegrea’s Green Castle

The memories at first came in snatches, Guy reluctant to host them. He didn’t want to remember but Raesan forced him. Neve saw no scenes, heard no words. There were only emotion, mangled, shredded, the fabric that once was him, that … Continue reading

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Three Baked Mice

Three baked mice Three baked mice They all snuck into the microwave They’ve all been baking since I don’t know when They’ll never run after their tails again Three baked mice.  

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St Benet’s Dragon

In researching Neve I came across the following story of St Benet’s Dragon, referenced by Dr Filbert in Be Banished He Bellowed. Not intending then for Neve to be published as posts on a blog, I included the story in the … Continue reading

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