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A Plague of Toads

Neve was cold when she woke, the sun gone from the window. She pushed to a sit, shaky but able. She was about to clamber out of the tub when . . . no. These waterlogged clothes would leave a … Continue reading

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The Unslayable

The dragon’s tail lashed towards him, force of ten horses, speed of a snake. Guy leaped out of range. His reactions were faster; this time he succeeded. It wasn’t a real dragon. And it wasn’t big. A third of the … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Mean That

We all know the word automobile, though it mayn’t be the one we now use. But have you looked, really looked, at that word? Auto-mobile. Self-moving. Really? And I thought that was only in the futuristic worlds of the sci-fi writer. … Continue reading

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At Dragon’s Mere

The call of the birds formed a symphony discordant with that of the sea. For that was where the angels had brought him – to the mouth of the Bewer. But where was the sea? Beyond that bank of glistening … Continue reading

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Lights Upon Water

Neve: Chapter 9 Neve knew she existed outside of Guy’s memory. Yet that existence seemed dream-like, like something only vaguely remembered and she didn’t want to wake from it. So she was as grumpy as Guy when Toli shook him … Continue reading

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