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The Measure of a Man

Neve, Chapter Eight . . . It began as a splatter of raindrops the size of robin’s eggs that harmlessly broke on the ground around him. Then falling faster the single drops merged and speared like steel into Guy. At least he … Continue reading

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A Knight’s Fee

Neve, Chapter 7 . . . The pit exuded cold and the smell of old sand though the sun, newly risen, was rapidly drying the sweat on her back. One more part of the task now done. In satisfaction Guy … Continue reading

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Like all writers words cast a spell upon me, a fascination. But, I swear, I didn’t go looking for hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. It found me. But it started me thinking. This is the result. For the writer words are his wattle and … Continue reading

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The Coldness Came Again Today

The Coldness came again today Unlike love and luck and happy days That look around and then not stay The Coldness came again today And stayed.      

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Impulse to Murder

Neve, Chapter Six . . . Neve dreaded that Raesan would answer the phone to Ms Cox, not that her employer had reason to phone. But if she did she’d think him Neve’s boyfriend. No, she’d be wise to prepare Ms Cox against … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Spent On The Town

Hey diddle dumpling, my son John Went to bed with his trousers on One shoe off and one shoe on Cos Saturday night’s spent on the town For those who like the silly rhymes You’re not forgotten

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Silver and Gold

Neve, Chapter 5: Flame, Crystal, Silver and Gold To Neve’s surprise the kitchen was as she had left it: tidy, but not clinical, no piles of Raesan’s clothes – she’d seen none in his bedroom either. His bedroom? She sighed. … Continue reading

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