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Jack Be Nimble

Jack be nimble Jack be quick Jack jumped over the candlestick. Jack jumped highest Jack’s been picked Jack’s to jump at the Elves Olympics! Advertisements

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Mary Had A Little Lamb

Over the years the nursery rhyme, Mary had a little lamb . . . has spawned many joke versions. Here’s one I remember from my childhood: Mary had a little lamb She also had a bear I’ve often seen her … Continue reading

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Health? Or Happiness

For years she was miserable: Counting calories Avoiding chocolates Working out when she’d rather slump Applying sunscreen just to empty the bins Eating 5 huge portions of fruit and veg every day, with no room on her plate for protein … Continue reading

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More on Angels

At risk of labouring, I realise I gave no introductory blurb to The Angel in the Park. It just is there. Whack. So, belatedly . . . When I first wrote Angel in the Park it was as the first … Continue reading

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Author’s Log Entry 14,443

Warning! The following post might cause mental indigestion. Contents: Tub-thumping, Atheism v Religion Angel Revival Quantum Angels But first, a note for those readers who’ve browsed my previous post, Angel in the Park: do not mistake my character’s beliefs for … Continue reading

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The Angel in the Park

Friday . . . I flew through the door, so excited, waiting to tell Bill of what had happened. I didn’t hang up my jacket but threw it on the bed, dropped down beside it and addressed the floppy eared … Continue reading

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New Days For Old

365 days a year, and every one a new one. What a waste! If days were paper or plastic we’d say to recycle. Has anyone added the cost? And what do we do with the discarded days? Are they fed … Continue reading

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