Shrine or Tomb or Place of Translation

Image by KAHLL on pixabay

I’d made a mistake, I shouldn’t have enrolled on this course. I’d never wrap my head around this alien culture.

“The body is then taken into the shrine,” the lecturer continued as onscreen an image appeared of what I’d swear was a Neolithic chamber tomb.

“You mean the dead are interred in the shrine?”

“No, not interred—”

“Then what? They store the corpse in the shrine while the bones decarnalise?”

“No. It is a total translation of the body in the flesh.”

“You mean as in the Rapture?”

“Except they’re dead, and it’s not to Heaven they go.”

“Sir,” asked a chap at the back. “Do we yet know their destination?”

“Nibiru. We think.”

Wordcount 115

Written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

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The Ash-Maid’s Wizard Mother

Image by DarkWorldX on pixabay

From the long years of my life
From the many studied charms
Now at my death I have the answer
To the tricks that she performed

How she transformed the mice to men
How she an invitation penned
How she a carriage from a pumpkin drew
How she the ash-maid’s clothes renewed
How she created crystal slippers
To adorn the ash-maid in all that glitters

Not with magic from this land
For in this realm all is bland
But from a sixth dimension stolen
Words that roll into a poem
Spoken as otherworldly tells
The fairy godmother’s magic spells

Wordcount 100

Written for Jedigirl Flash Fiction Challenge #5 Magic

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Echoes of Nowhere

The second of my four poems to be accepted by Whispers and EchoesRoad to Nowhere—is published today.

Remember the road:
The road to nowhere;
Nowhere, where I go to dream …

See Whispers and Echoes for the full poem

Road to Nowhere was written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #14, posted on crimsonprose 14th Fevruary 2019

Whispers and Echoes is an online journal that publishes flash-fiction of up to 100 words, and poems up to 10 lines (excluding blanks); see here to submit. It is chiefly edited by Sammi Cox, well-known and loved for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompts where she punishes us with impossible targets, and thus pushes us through the gates of inspiration.

Earlier issues of Whispers and Echoes can be seen on the Dreaming Spirit website.

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What Pegman Saw: The Flatulent One

From Google Maps: Santa Ana, El Salvador

‘See!’ Chimalis addressed the pilgrims. ‘At Huracan’s first creation, the gods created humans from mud. But mud has no voice to worship the gods, and so the gods destroyed them in a deluge.’

The pilgrims knew the story, yet the priestess repeated it. For the story would lead her to their blood.

‘See! At Huracan’s second creation, the gods created men from wood and women from reeds. But wood and reeds have no souls to worship the gods, and so the gods destroyed them with boiling water.

‘See!’ She looked behind her at the mountain. Need she say the words? Couldn’t they guess it? ‘At Huracan’s third creation, the gods created humans, and gave them blood from their own bodies. Now the gods have enlisted Kisim, The Flatulent One, to destroy this creation … unless you give me your blood.’

Wordcount 139

Written for What Pegman Saw: Santa Ana, El Salvador

Close by Santa Ana, lay the ancient Mayan settlement of Sihuatehuacan, a name which translates as The Place of the Priestesses. While priestesses served many functions, they most often worked as oracles at sites of pilgrimage. In the fifth century CE, many Mayan cities, including The Place of the Priestesses, were destroyed in a powerful pyroclastic flow when the volcano Ilopango erupted. It seems to me that Kisim, god of death and decay, as the Flatulent One, would have been accorded prime responsibility.

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Sunday Picture Post: Painted Pink

How to theme a post which features photos of flowers as delicate and rare as an orchid, and as common and tough as hogweed. By colour, of course. So here you are:

The Pyramidal Orchid: 17 June 2019

And the reason there is only one is one’s all we found. Perhaps we were too early?

Downy Rose: 17 June 2019

I was reluctant to name this rose. Yet it could be nothing else with this depth of colour

Pink var. Hogweed: 17 June 2019

Although the usual hogweed has creamy-white flowers (see Friday Fauna: Painted Lady), pink- and even purple-flowered plants are also found.

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Roses that Follow the Rule …

The Rule of Three, that is.

Field Rose

Three white Field Roses, complete with three insects: 17 June 2019

The white field rose blossoms a few weeks later than the more commonly-seen pink dog rose. Here, three friendly pollinators do their job, oblivious to the camera that captures them at their chores.

For details of #2019picoftheweek challenge see MariaAntonia

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Friday Fauna: The Painted Lady

Painted Lady

Painted Lady butterfly: 17 June 2019

Poised, ready for flight, this Painted Lady butterfly frequents hogweed, which on Monday’s walk we found in abundance. So, too, the butterflies. And this one obliged by holding still.

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